How to play Dinosaur game on google? no internet game

Dinosaur game on google is the sensational game on the internet. This game is originally provided by the google chrome. When there is no internet connection and you open your browser or internet connection is suddenly interrupted you see the game screen. However, this Dinosaur game on google chrome is to make you busy until your internet is back to normal. This is the hidden pixel game on google chrome platform. Moreover, this game is also known as T-Rex. Moreover, this game is made from the opensource code of T-rex game.

Dinosaur game on google

However, you can open this game by going offline or disconnecting the network adaptor. You can do this by disconnecting wifi, by removing LAN cable or disconnecting your internet connection by any method. This game is getting good attention from game lovers. Google Chrome will redirect you to this game when your internet connection is not accessible in between your browsing.

More about Dinosaur game Dinosaur game

This game is a type of Runner game in which a dinosaur will run infinitely and score will increase. However, there are obstacles like birds and trees. Moreover, you have to tackle this all and increase your score. In this game, there is Day and night at regular interval. The main aim of this game is to save yourself and run until you can run safely by tackling the obstacles. However, when your internet connection is back your game will be stopped and the page refreshes with your recent search. Many players call this game a ‘Dinosaur game Dinosaur game‘.

You can not get any clue about the hidden game. This happens much time to you when you do not know about this game. Yes, when your internet connection is not there you get an error message ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’. Moreover, you will also able to see a dinosaur on the same screen. However, until you press ‘space bar’ or ‘up arrow key’ your game will not start.

How to Start and play dino game offline?

As we earlier discuss this is the hidden game which is in front of you but you never think that this is the game. Yes, you can start this dino game offline by simply pressing ‘Up arrow key‘ or you can also start offline games dino by pressing ‘Space bar‘ on your keyboard.

Now let discuss how to play this Dinosaur game on google chrome browser. You have to use ‘Up arrow key’ or ‘Space Bar’ and ‘Down arrow key’. By simply using this combination you can able to play this Dino game on chrome browser. You have to use ‘up key’ to jump and ‘down key’ to tackle the birds. You have to only make a score by running as far as you can run safely.

The running speed of the Dinosaur will increase with time. Moreover, you can compare this game with Temple run as the gameplay increases the speed also increases. The main aim to create a high score in the game for every 100 scores you score in the game you will get a sound or blinking of the score on the top of the screen.

How to play offline games dino online?

There is curiosity in knowing how to play this Dinosaur game on google when you are online. There is a trick to dinosaur games to play online. Don’t think of alternatives to this game just follow this article you can play your favourite Trex google chrome game online on chrome browser. By seeing the great demand for the t-rex game google provided the direct link to play this Trex game when you are online. Yes, you can do this by following the simple steps listed below.

Steps to play the google chrome trex game online.

  1. Firstly, open a new Tab.
  2. Secondly, Copy or type chrome://dino/ on the address bar and follow the Url to play the game directly online by clicking enter.
  3. Your Favourite game is in front of you. As soon as you press up arrow key or space bar your game starts.
  4. Now you have to make the highest score and comment below what is the highest score you achieve.

About the Origin of the Chrome dinosaur game

Now let discuss some facts related to the origin of the chrome Trex game. On the 4th birthday of Dino game, google revealed some facts about the origin of the Dinosaur game. He published an interview with the developer of this T-rex game. The game is developed by a team of developers which include the chrome designer Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes and more. The codename of Dinosaur Character is ‘Project Bolan’. The theme is used to give you feel of the ‘prehistoric era’.

This game was released in 2014, 5 years ago from now. One interesting fact is 270 Million games are played every month as data given by the UX engineer of google chrome. This game will conclude after 17 million years game playtime this makes similar to the Trex are alive on earth. You can even play this game without opening your aeroplane mode or going offline as we discussed earlier in this article. Most of the player is come from the country having poor internet connection or having less sufficient infrastructures like brazil, South-Africa, Indonesia and Mexico. India is also in this list but now due to improvements in speed and digital infrastructure, t stands out of the list.


As we discuss all the information related to how to play the game? How to start the game? How to play this game online? and more. This is the favourite game of T-Rex lover. you can get all the entertainment in this game. Just follow the game and all done. You have to tackle the obstacles and make a high score. To play the game online you just have to type chrome://dino/ and press enter. This game is developed by a team of developers and designers. I think every chrome user played this game once during the surffing. If not just go and play this interesting game and make the highest score. After playing this game you start saying ‘Dinosaur game Dinosaur game‘. dinosaur game on google is the best free game and many games are developed on the same idea.

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