Ways to Fix 100% disk usage windows 10

100 disk usage on windows 10 is the common problem faced by many of Us. If you are facing the same problem then you are at right place. We help you to solve this problem in minimal time. So follow the article and solve your 100 disk usage windows 10 problem.

100 disk usage on windows 10
100% disk usage on windows 10

Are you facing a slow system, no response to a mouse click, Low performance of windows system, Lagging or unresponsive system, or your system become frozen. If these symptoms you are facing then your Disk usages reach out its maximum limit. This makes your system’s performance degraded. This is the bug of Microsoft Windows. Work is going on to solve this problem with a new update.

There are many complains about 100% disk usage on windows 10 after the recent update. Windows 10 is widely used OS and when things go Wrong then no one left out with the problem same with Windows operating system. You can open your task manager and check the Disk usage if it showing 100% disk usage then your system is facing high application usage or any other issue. Latest update having problem with physical memory. This new update having problem with both SSD(Solid-state drive) Storage and HDD(hard disk drive) Storage.

However, there is no method to find out what is the cause of the problem? So here we going to give you a guide to solve this problem by using the following Method. This method solves your 100 disk usage windows 10 problem and also provide you with a detailed diagnostic of the problem causing factor.

Method to Fix 100% disk usage on windows 10

If you confirmed that there is a problem related to 100% disk usage using task manager then you have many options to solve the problem. Here is the list of the method to solve the problem. Moreover, Check the task manager after every method to confirm the resolution of your problem.

Method one: Turn Off Window Search option

Many Window experts said that Windows 8 and Windows 10 has a bug in its search module. The search loop working continuously even if you did not search for anything, this makes high CPU usage and effect the physical Drives also. This Bug makes you System Slow. This “search loop” bug increase your disk usage load.

So, you have to turn off and see that it help you or not. You can Permanently disable this function using the following steps:

step 1: Firstly, you have to press Window+R key to invoke the Run option.

Step 2: Type “services.msc” in the Run box and press enter.

Step 3: Find out the “window search” option in the service Window and double click on it.

Step 4: Now find out the Startup option and select “Disabled” in the drop-down menu.

100 disk usage on windows 10
Window search service

Step 5: Now click on the stop button to stop the window search service and press ok.

Now open the task manager and see that you disk usage become normal or not. If this method does not works follow the next method.

Method Two: Removing Temporary files At regular Interval

Temporary files are the files that are stored on your computer in the “temp” folder of your system. These files are stored by windows for temporary uses. Sometimes these files are stored in a large volume occupying the disk space and making your system slow. Many forums said that to delete all temporary files to solve 100 disk usage on windows 10 problem.

So, follow the steps to delete all the temporary files from the windows system.

Step 1: Press Window+R to invoke the Run window.

Step 2: Type “%Temp%” and press ok.

100 disk usage windows 10
100 disk usage on windows 10

Step 2: A new window will open having large no of files. Select all and delete them.

Step 3: Restart your window system.

Step 4: Open the task manager and check if your 100 disk usage on windows 10 is solved. If not follow the next method listed below.

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Method Three: Disable your antivirus for sometime

Sometimes your antivirus uses high disk space and make your system hot and makes it slow. Antivirus runs in background Real-time scanning of files and folders which takes high disk usage and make your PC performance degraded.

You must stop the antivirus for some time and check the disk usage. If Disk space and your pc performance come back to normal. This applies for both Third-party antivirus and Inbuilt windows defender. As I find on the internet that Cloud-based Windows defender protection takes up high disk usage and Network usage. So, you must disable and check that your problem of 100% disk usage windows 10 is solved.

To disable your window defender service goto Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Defender.

Method Four: Check for the malware on PC

Yes, sometimes Some malware is auto-installed on your PC and cause high network and disk usage. This problem is basically there if you surfing the Internet Most of time and installing one thing and other from the Web. If your antivirus finds the Malware while running Real-time Scan then it’s good. If not, then you must do it manually and scan your Pc for malware issue.

I understand that your PC is slow and scanning takes lots of time due to slow PC. But this may help you to solve this problem in no time by removing the malware and other suspicious software.

Method five: Restarting your System

Yes, restarting your PC may solve your 100% disk usage windows 10 problem. Restarting is the best healing process to recover all the system process. Restarting can mainly any simple to the moderate problem related to hardware and software. If it is solved then it’s good for you. In many cases, your 100% disk usage windows 10 problem will be solved and you will get the exact cause of the problem.

However, keep in mind that you have to use the restart option to start your system freshly. And Shutdown option will Preserve your system state and your problem will not be solved. So, keep in mind to use the restart button.


This method will help you to solve 100 disk usage windows 10 problem. So try all this option to solve your problem of disk space. However, If you face any problem related to this topic comment below we love to help you. If you having another method than please comment below. We will add it to this article. Thanks for reading 100% disk usage windows 10 article. I hope your problem is solved.

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